Better-Than-HCG Diet Drops Protocol

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PHASE1 - Loading

  • To begin the diet, maintain your usual diet including the types of food not typically found in a diet plan. Begin taking the drops, even though you have not yet begun the Better than HCG diet menu.
  • •Phase 1 sets the foundation for the success of the HCG diet. This phase prepares your body to take the added fat to task and get it ready to be released during normal daily activities.The Better than HCG diet protocol includes 18 to 20 drops 3 times per day. At that rate, one bottle should last 28 to 30 days.

PHASE2 - Meal Protocol

  • The diet begins on day 3, and the length of time on the program depends on the time necessary to reach your desired weight loss goal.
  • From this point on it is necessary to follow the HCG diet instructions exactly as prescribed. If you consume more calories than prescribed or food not included in the approved food plan, weight gain might be the result. If you fall off the diet wagon at any point, it is essential to get back on track as soon as possible.
  • One of the keys to the diet is to drink at least 100 ounces of water daily. For a change of pace, swap a cup or two of water with a diet soda or a Crystal Lite beverage. The preferred choice is to limit your intake of diet soda to 12 ounces or less per day if possible.
  • You may want to avoid alcohol, coffee and teas, but if you must consume one of the three, do so sparingly.

PHASE2 – Daily Meals

  • Phase 2 of the Better than HCG protocol includes consuming three meals a day for a total of 1000 calories. If you want to maximize your weight loss, you may consume fewer calories than the suggested. The ideal calorie consumption for breakfast is 150 to 200 calories, 350 to 400 calories for lunch, a snack coming in at 100 to 200 calories and round out the day with a 350 to 400 calorie dinner.
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