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After successfully completing Phase 2 and weight loss with Better than HCG, and success is determined by meeting your weight loss goal, you will enter into Phase 3, the maintenance part of the plan. Phase 3 is about 180 days in length. Now that you have lost weight using Better than HCG as weight loss diet, your body is cleansed of fat and toxins and ready for the maintenance mode. It is essential to avoid starch filled and sugar laden foods. This includes avoiding processed foods for at least the first two weeks of the Phase 3 program, except for your designated cheat days.

The important thing to remember is for HCG and weight loss to be successful, only consume the recommended number of calories. There is always the question of what is the recommended number of calories. A good rule of thumb to determine your calorie intake is to add a zero to your weight. For instance, if you weigh 200 pounds, your calorie intake should be about 2000 calories each day. The actual number of calories consumed can be on either side of 2000, depending on your level of activity.

It is also vital to know the difference between good and bad carbs when using HCG in weight loss. A basic rule of thumb to differentiate between the good and the bad is to remember bad carbs are usually processed and refined foods and foods white in color. Processed and refined foods have a high calorie content and low in nutrition. Good carbs provide better nutrition, and provide better fuel for your body and allow you to function throughout the day. When choosing food, always read the nutritional information on the package and stay away from foods high in sugar and sodium. Good carbs are fiber filled food such as green vegetables. Fibrous foods are high in nutrition and low in calories.


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