What To Expect While On The BTHCG Diet

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PHASE1 - (Day 1-2) Loading

It is essential to begin the program exactly as prescribed. That includes eating your normal diet including all the foods that are typically harmful diet foods. Phase 1 is the body preparation phase and is vital to our Better than HCG weight loss program. The weight loss plan works by making the already stored up fat accessible while loading up with the Better than HCG Diet Drops. The stored fat becomes the target to attack when Phase 2, and the low calorie part of the program begins. Phase 1 is one of the important keys to a successful diet.

To lose weight with Better than HCG, it is essential to take the prescribed Better than HCG Diet Drops™ before every meal. It will take at least 2 bottles of the diet drops for each 30-day cycle, but the number of bottles used overall will depend on the amount of weight you wish to lose. If, at the end of Phase 2, there is still more weight to lose, you may begin another cycle of 30 days and will need an additional bottle or two.

PHASE2 – (Day 3 to 15) Protocol

The actual weight loss portion of the program begins with 3 when the low calorie diet kicks in. It is essential to follow the program exactly as it is in order for the program to be a success. Weight loss and HCG goes hand in hand, and without following the program, weight loss will be less than optimum. If you happen to deviate from the plan, such as consuming more calories than allowed or choosing food, not on the approved list will lead to potential weight gain or the dreaded plateau. If you do fall off the diet wagon, it is necessary to get right back on board. To lose weight effectively with (Better than) HCG Diet Drops, be sure to stay on the program as outlined.

Another key to HCG weight loss is to be sure and consume the required amount of water. The program calls for drinking 100 ounces of water each and every day. 100 ounces calculate to 10 to 12 cups of water, and if you do not drink the right amount of water, your actual weight loss total will decrease. It is allowable to drink 3 cups of a beverage such as Crystal Lite or 3 diet soda’s per day (keeping it to one diet soda per day is preferred). Caffeine drinks such as coffee and tea are discouraged. Sugar substitutes and caffeine are hunger stimulators, as well as alcohol, which should be avoided all together or at least used sparingly.


PHASE2 – Daily Meals

The plan calls for eating 3 meals per day and a mid afternoon snack totaling 1000 calories each day. Consuming fewer calories will result in greater weight loss, but it is imperative to eat 3 times per day. Skipping meals will be detrimental to the success of the program, and you will not lose weight with HCG. The recommended number of calories to support weight loss and are 150 to 250 calories at breakfast, 250 to 275 calories at lunch, 100 to 225 calories for a mid afternoon snack and 350 to 400 calories at dinner.

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