Better-Than-HCG Testimonials

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Stephanie lost 22lbs on BTHCG in just 4 weeks!!!

I have been overweight for 10 years. I have some health issues that simply make it very difficult to lose weight. Some of the of the side effects are weight gain and lack of energy. I have tried to eat healthier and exercise with little to no success. I became very discouraged. After having 2 amazing children I put more weight on. When I heard about The Better Than HCG Diet drops I was excited to try it! I committed to do the diet and be successful. So I started right after Turkey day and my family thought I was nuts to go on a diet before the holidays. I said to myself if I can do this around the holidays, I can do it at anytime! In the past 4 weeks i've lost 22lbs. Now I just have 20 lbs to go. I will achieve my goal. I will do it. I can do it because I am a powerful women on a Mission! I feel great and and have more energy than ever before. Thank you BTHCG for this amazing product!


Greg Lost 44 Pounds in 6 Weeks!

My Name is Greg. I have been taking “Better than HCG” for 6 weeks. I have gone from 240lbs to 196lbs, a total of 44 pounds. My clothes fit better and I feel great. Two times in 6 weeks, I have gone out to eat and not been able to follow the plan exactly, but I went right back on the plan. I have not been hungry and have had great energy. Thanks BTHCG!

Greg, UT

Mindy Lost 28 Pounds in 9 Weeks!

Hi my name is Mindy. I always struggle with my weight. I lose it then gain it back and then add some more. It is so hard. I recently found Better than HCG and found it to work as well as HCG. I have lost 28 pounds so far and it is all from around my waist and butt. I am grateful to you for your product. Thank you!


Jeff Looks Spectacular!!

I am 6’-1” and weigh between 175 and 180 pounds. I did not need to drop weight, but I wanted to lose some body fat. I tried the Better Than HCG Diet Drops™, and they are remarkable. I trimmed 29% body fat over the course of 30 days. My body fat plunged from 15% to 10% consuming 1000 to1100 calories each day. I allowed myself to cheat for 3 days over the course of 30 days and even exercised about 5 times each week. I will tell you and everyone who wants to listen, this product truly works.


Traci's Lost 42 pounds with Better-Than-HCG!

It has been 10 months since I started using HCG drops and have lost 145 pounds, thanks to the program. Losing weight has given me the life change I needed, and I am here to say, I love this product. I left HCG diet drops reviews and testimonials on your web site forums and my own personal blog on Facebook and praised the BTHCG diet drops. I wanted to let everyone know my skepticism about HCG diet results was unequivocally wrong. Recently, I received the Better Than HCG diet drops, and I lost 2 more pounds with the wonderful combination of diet drops and meals low in calories. Along with the diet drops, I take B12 and could not be happier with the results. I feel good and look good with considerably less weight and many thanks for letting me test drive the new and improved drops.

Traci, CA

An enormous thank you from Mike

Thank you Better than HCG, for helping me lose 35 pounds after 3 short months. I used Better Than HCG and it made my losing weight extremely easy. I look good and I have never felt better. I promise myself I will be overweight free with the help of another product you have, but the name escapes me at the moment, and your maintenance program. Thank you for your help.

Mike, FL

Caroline is 7 pounds lighter!

Dear Better Than HCG or Ultra6 Nutrition. Thank you for helping me with my weight loss goal. I lost those 7 pesky pounds that I wanted to lose years ago. I thought losing weight would be difficult, but it was easier than I imagined. I lost that weight in 13 short days.


Caroline, FL

Becky Sends us her thanks!

I would like to take this opportunity to send my thanks to you, for helping me lose weight. I have struggled with being for as long I could remember. Four months ago I decided to try your product after reading a few Better than HCG drops reviews. I put the program aside for a while, but now that I have put the diet program in motion, I can see the results. I have already dropped 8 pounds after just one week on the program. I have more weight to lose, but with your program, I have the motivation it takes to complete the diet program and achieve my weight loss goal.


Becky, NV

Joelle lost 39 pounds in 3 months. Wow!

I am writing to you about my weight loss successful and thought it might be an incentive to some others with a similar problem. I lost 39 pounds in 3 months with your product, and I feel great. I lost 4 or maybe even 5 dress sizes, and I cannot believe how much better I look. After each of children was born, I thought it would be easy to lose weight, but there was always 8 to 10 pounds that would just not go away. After my third child was born, I found myself saddled with 40 to 50 extra pounds. My darling husband is also over weight, but I could not convince him to diet with me and lose weight. I saw an email containing several Better than HCG diet drops reviews and decided I had nothing to lose but some unwanted weight. If the diet drops did not work, I would simply return the product. I was truly amazed to see the weight drop away quickly, and I could not be happier with my success. Thanks a ton!

Thank you,

Joelle, RI

Mike Took Control of his Life and Lost Weight!

I am Mike from Arizona and I cannot get around too well from being overweight. I needed to shed weight, and I needed help doing that. I purchased the Better Than HCG diet drops. I found the diet a little confusing, but after I understood the program, I found it very easy to follow. So far I have a good portion of the weight I want to lose. Thank you.

Mike, AZ

Gena Lost 15 and wants to lose another 40, but she knows she can do it!

I was directed to your website by a friend, and I purchased your product after reading a few Better than HCG reviews. She challenged me to lose 15 pounds in two months time, and I took her up on her challenge. I have never lost more than 8 or 10 pounds on the many diets I tried, but the HCG diet program made losing weight easy. I followed the program as prescribed and lost 15 pounds in a short time. Even though, I have to lose another 40 more pounds to reach my goal, I know I have the right tools to do it. I thank my pal Ashley for challenging me to lose weight. Thank you, everyone!

Gena, MN

Melina is 27 lbs lighter and still losing weight!

I tried the Better Than HCG diet program, after checking a few HCG diet results, after seeing how the program helped a family member lose weight, and I am happy to say it worked. I weighed a scale topping 197 pounds and felt like I was trying to walk in lead shoes. At one time, I was a star athlete and could not believe I let myself gain as much weight as I did. It was my goal to get into shape to run again and losing weight was the first step in the process. I have not reached my weight loss goal yet, but I am on my way. I feel better than I have in a long time, but I have the motivation to complete the task. It has certainly not been an easy road to weight loss, but the HCG diet plan makes it easy.


Melina, AZ

Natalie is minus 5 in 7 short days!!!

I have not loved anything as much as I love the Better Than HCG weight loss plan. I only lost 5 pounds so far, but I have not had this much energy since I was 20 years old. My goal is to lose another 25 pounds and increase my energy level even more. Just because, I am looking at 40 in the rear view mirror, does not mean I have to slow down. Thank you, HCG, for your assistance.


Staci is down 13 Pounds!

My name is Staci, and I have carried extra weight for as long as I can remember. I cannot tell you how much I hated carrying around all those extra pounds. I purchased the Better Than HCG diet drops and lost 13 pounds in just 29 days. I cannot tell you how great I feel about that. Weight has disappeared from my butt and belly areas. I think I use the B12 to much, but I love the way they work. (I use up 3 bottles of B12 in 30 days) I have more energy than ever. I thank you for helping me lose weight.

Staci, NC

Kym reports she is eliminating stubborn weight

I NEVER thought I could lose weight by consuming a 1000 calorie diet. I discovered drinking the required amount of water was the key to my success. I decided the diet drops are the miracle I needed to lose the weight I needed to lose. I just love good food, and it loves me back but in all the wrong places. The weight I am loosing is usually the weight I struggle to lose with normal exercise and diet. For anyone who wants to drop pounds, I recommend the Better Than HCG diet.



Phillip is happy today and will be ecstatic tomorrow!

I began your Better than HCG diet a month ago, and I am more than happy with the progress I am making losing weight. My weight loss goal is to have a size 32 waist again, and I am well on my way.



Tracy J: minus 9 and working to make it more.

I lost 9 pounds so far, and I feel great. I have more weight to shed, but I am on my way to meeting my goal



Sadee has reached her weight loss goal! Yes!

I am writing to say thank you for helping me to lose weight. I struggled with weight, but I did not know how to lose more than a few pounds here and there. I realized my weight goal, and I am one happy girl. I will not want to tell you what my scale crunching weight was, but it was a lot.

Thanks for EVERYTHING.

Sadee, NM

Phyllis is minus 3 dress sizes!

I am not one to write fan letters, but for this, I will make an exception. I thank you for the diet drops product. After two months of being on the program, I have lost 3 dress sizes, and that is all I wanted to say, except thank you.

Phyllis, NJ

Mindy Lost 10 Pounds!

I cannot tell you how much I love, love, love your diet drops. I started the Ultra6 Better Than HCG diet drops 30 days ago, and I have dropped 10 pounds. I am loosing the weight in those places where it is difficult for me to lose weight – thighs, bust, waist and rib cage. I lost 1 inch around each thigh and waist and 2 inches from my bust area. The next best part is the B12 drops. I have so much more energy. Even my daughter, who is 20, took notice and asked me why I was so full of energy. I told her it was the new diet I was on. Thank you, Better Than HCG drops.



Minus 33lbs in...?

Dear Better Than HCG diet drops

I was sure there was not anything would work better than real HCG diet drops. I was wrong. The Better Than HCG drops are better than the ordinary HCG drops. I was fat my whole, entire life, and I thought I was destined to be overweight until my dying day. I found it difficult to drop weight, and as I got older, the level of difficulty increased every year. I was attracted to your product after reading a few HCG homeopathic drops reviews and decided to test drive the diet plan. In 85 days, I lost 33 pounds. It was not a very easy process, but I stuck to it and the program worked. I did a little cheating on the program, but in the end, the program worked.


Jessica, AZ

Rikkie is Losing Weight and Keeping It Off!

Our good friend Rikkie lost more than 18 pounds on the Better Than HCG diet plan and never experienced hunger like she did with other diet methods. She lost 2 additional pounds after starting the maintenance plan. She has vowed never to be overweight again.

I was a Little Hungry, but it Paid Off Big!

I shed 21 pounds on the Better Than HCG diet plan, and even though I felt hungry from time to time, I did not give in and eat everything in the pantry. After completing the initial week of the plan, I fell into a weight loss routine and never looked back. I am happy to report I am losing weight and dropped an additional 2 pounds since last Sunday.


Linda: Tummy Pounds Gone!

I am dashing off a note of thanks for the help your HCG diet drops gave me. I purchased the Better Than HCG diet plan to lose 7 pounds and wanted to lose that weight in my tummy area. Two weeks into the diet and those tummy pounds were gone. The diet worked wonders for me, and I found I did not need to consume the entire 1000 calories per day.


Linda, Phoenix, AZ

Samuel: Felt Full, and Still Lost Weight!

I dropped 45 pounds using HCG diet drops and decided to try your Better Than HCG diet product. I shed 10 pounds over the course of 10 days. The diet plan was simple to follow, and I was not hungry at all. I love the new and improved product, and it was everything I expected it to be.

Samuel, Houston, TX

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Stephanie Lost 22lbs IN 4 WEEKS!
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Greg Lost 44 POUNDS in 6 WEEKS!
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