Why Should You Try Better-Than-HCG Diet Drops?

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Straight to the Point -- Better-Than-HCG works faster and more efficiently than HCG.

Better Than HCG (BTHCG) is a finely tuned formula of proprietary means that works to flush fat and harmful toxins more effectively than any other method. BTHCG works to alleviate hunger by dampening your appetite. This is achieved, in part, by incorporating a 1000 calorie diet designed to work with BTHCG. The combination of the Better Than HCG diet drops and our well designed diet plan will help you drop weight quicker and more effectively than any other diet plan and help prevent regaining lost weight.

The ingredients used in BTHCG are included in the guidelines of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the U.S. (HPUS), making the product 100% homeopathic. The ingredients are proven to be fat fighters and the combination work together more effectively to flush harmful toxins, fight fat, increase metabolism and suppress appetite

Check Out a Few of the best ingredients in Better-Than-HCGs Homeopathic formula:

  • Thyroidinum – This ingredient boosts metabolism while flushing fat out of your system
  • Nux Vomica – Releasing excess, stored fat helps control hunger and this ingredient help cleanse away the harmful and the useless toxins known to prevent the excess fat release
  • Calcarea Carbonica – This ingredient is proven to fight fat even if you have less than optimum nutrition
  • Ammonium Bromatum – This ingredient helps fight obesity

In just 30 short days, your weight loss will be noticeable. You may even diminish in weight to a 4 dress or pant sizes. You may even have time to lose excess weight for a special occasion.

Still not wowed by the Better than HCG diet information? Why not take a few minutes and check in with people who experienced real fat and weight loss and answer the question for yourself “does Better than HCG work?”

Greetings Better-Than-HCG™,
I lost 145 pounds in 10 months using your diet drops, and I could not be happier. When I first found your product, I did not know what the program is all about. I can honestly say my life has changed, and I love it! I have included a considerable number of testimonials on your HCG website and my personal Facebook blog, but I wanted to write to you personally and answer the question “what is the HCG diet? I can answer that question with a ‘shout from the roof tops and resounding’ the Better than HCG diet is my weight loss savior. I was not sure the program would work, but I am happy to report, the program works great.

I thought I would never find a product that was equal to or better than HCG diet drops, but you generously sent me the BTHCG diet drops, and I decided to give them a test drive. I am happy to report I have shed 34 pounds with the BTHCG drops, and I am ecstatic about the way I look. I continue to take Vitamin B12 along with the BTHCG drops. BTHCG had worked wonders when I thought weight loss could not be better or more effective.

Traci Howard

I am writing to tell you Better Than HCG™ diet drops work. They are nothing short of amazing. I am 6’-1” and my weight fluctuates between 175 and 180 pounds. I did not need to lose much weight, but I wanted to minimize my fat content. In only thirty days on the BTHCG diet, I trimmed my body fat by 29%. In thirty days, with a 1000 to 1100 calorie diet, I trimmed my body fat from 15% to 10%. I was even able to include 3 cheat days and 5 days of exercise per week. For those who may be skeptical, I can honestly tell you, this product works.

- Jeff

Rikkie dropped 18 pounds without felling hungry, and she credits that success to the Better Than HCG diet. She managed to lose an added 2 pounds after beginning the maintenance plan.

Our friend Jana also managed to shed 18 pounds and trimmed 2 inches from around her waist. She is quite happy to report her waist went from 30 to 28 inches, and she credits the BTHCG diet.

Traci Image
I've lost over 42 pounds with Better-Than-HCG TM -Traci
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Traci Before
Jeff Lost 29% BODY FAT IN 30 DAYS!
Jeff Before
Jeff After
Jared Lost 21 POUNDS!
Jared Before
Jared After
Rikkie lost 16 POUNDS IN 4 WEEKS!
Rikkie Before
Rikkie After
Stephanie Lost 22lbs IN 4 WEEKS!
Stephanie Before
Stephanie After
Stephanie's Story
Greg Lost 44 POUNDS in 6 WEEKS!
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Greg's Story